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I opened the bottle of your vanilla extract last weekend to bake some cookies and the difference in taste is extraordinary." – Judy

Craft Cocktails Using Homemade Vanilla Rum

If you enjoy making and serving Craft Cocktails, then Vanilla Rum is a must-have in your home bar collection. Easy to make and most certainly versatile, Vanilla Rum is actually homemade extract made using a maceration process (soaking vanilla beans in spirits for at least six-to-eight weeks). While other spirits can be be used for making homemade extracts,

Gold Label rum makes the finest flavored extracts as it contains molasses. The blend of molasses and vanilla gives the extract a special depth of flavor that’s ideal for baked goods, a simple Vanilla Rum on the Rocks, as well as exotic cocktails such as a Vanilla-Rum Colada or Margarita, or even a Trader Vic’s-style Mai -Tai. To get you started, Chef David Jackman, owner of Chocolate Restaurant in Santa Cruz, has provided three simple cocktails to make with Vanilla Rum. First, make sure you’re clear on the concept by reading how to make Vanilla Extracts. And, to get excellent vanilla beans, here you are: Vanilla Beans

Vanilla Rum on the Rocks
*Fill a tumbler halfway with ice.
*Add two ounces Vanilla Rum
*Garnish with one of the soaked vanilla beans.

Spiked Cream Soda
*Fill a tall glass halfway with ice
*Add one ounce of Vanilla-infused-Rum.
*Add 4 oz. sparkling water.
….delicious with no sweetener!
(A splash of simple syrup, agave syrup
or maple syrup is fine too.)

Hot Vanilla Rum 
*2 oz Vanilla-Infused Rum
*4 oz very hot filtered water
*1 tsp agave syrup
*Serve in a big brandy snifter, or even a large wineglass.
*garnish with a piece taken from one of the infused vanilla beans.
(This is an ideal accompaniment for cookies, biscotti, spongecake
and even more elaborate desserts! Try it.)


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