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Pu’erh Helped Me Lose Weight!

When I started drinking pu’erh tea nearly a month ago, I wasn’t thinking about weight loss.  So imagine my surprise that I’ve lost the two annoying pounds  I typically pack on in January and lug around until May!

It’s not that I hadn’t read about the alleged health attributes of pu’erh, which include weight loss.  It’s that my primary  interests were to learn more about a legendary tea that the Chinese and other serious tea aficionados  spend thousands of dollars to purchase at auction.   A tea from 500- year-old trees tended by hill tribes in southern Yunnan.  A tea that is known to provide energy to those who imbibe it.

Now that I’ve experimented with this tea for enough time to evaluate it, it’s a double-thumbs-up and I will continue to drink it.  Not just because I’ve lost weight drinking it, though that’s a powerful incentive, but because it absolutely boosts my energy without the jitters I typically experience when I consume caffeine.  Oh, and did I mention that it tastes good?

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More About Pu’erh

There is something in my DNA that drives an insatiable curiosity about learning.  It’s kind of an intellectual archeology.  I want to uncover information about uncommon or newly discovered treasures.  Naturally, when the opportunity to take the pu’erh challenge presented itself, I wanted to learn more about the tea I was consuming. Now that I have been drinking it for nearly two weeks, I have continued my investigation.

Roy Fong, the founder and proprietor of San Francisco’s renowned Imperial Tea Court, has written a new book, Great Teas of China. Given that pu’erh comes from a tropical region of China, it seems totally appropriate to tell you more about this fascinating black tea.

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Pu’erh & Chocolate: What’s Not to Like?

I’ve never been a coffee drinker.  I tried when I was a Freshman in college, mainly because everyone else drank coffee.  They served coffee and doughnuts in the morning in my dorm great room on the weekend.  While I loved the aroma, I didn’t like the taste unless I poured in cream and sugar.  Even diluted, coffee made me jittery.  As I wasn’t a doughnut eater and given that the coffee made me feel strange, I let it go.  It wasn’t until my forties that I started to drink tea in the morning, and more to warm me up than wake me up.

In recent years I’ve grown quite fond of tea, usually drinking green during the day and a decaffeinated tea in the evening such as Numi’s Vanilla Nights decaf.  When I took the Pu’erh challenge I thought it would be an interesting way to learn more about a tea with a big history in China.  I hadn’t expected that I would get hooked.  I am.

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How Pu’erh Got Me To Stockton

That isn’t exactly accurate.  I drove myself there and I’m not sure that I could find a store in Stockton that carries Numi’s Pu’ehr, but they should.

Friday I drove to Stockton to pick up 500 pounds of Maui Brand plantation white sugar (aka evaporated cane juice) for the vanilla sugars we make.  There was a break in the weather, and though I can’t say I was excitedly anticipating a trip to Stockton, I had no choice but to go as they weren’t going to deliver the sugar to us.

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Sending Prayers to Haiti

Since I first read about the earthquake two weeks ago tomorrow, each day I look to see if anything hopeful has been posted about Haiti.  A country that before the earthquake has been overlooked and ignored by the world’s governments.  Now the devastation and desperation is so great it is impossible to wrap my mind around what it must be like to be in Port Au Prince as a survivor or aid provider.

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