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Things to Do With Vanilla Ice Cream

Courtesy of Alice Medrich, Sinfully Easy Delicious Desserts

This is a selection from Alice’s book that directs readers to different recipes she has in the book. You will need to read the book for the recipes that are highlighted, but this will give you good ideas for adorning vanilla — or other– ice creams. And, for starts, how about the recipe for Vanilla Ice Cream? or Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream?

Top With

  • Chocolate Sauce “to taste” or Cocoa Fudge Sauce “to Taste” with or without sliced strawberries or bananas and whipped cream.
  • Top with The Simplest Caramel Sauce or Butterscotch Toffee Sauce and toasted almonds or hazelnuts or salted peanuts.
  • The Simplest Caramel Sauce and sprinkle with a pinch of coarse sea salt or crushed cardamom seeds.
  • A spoonful of Coffee or Wine or Beer Granita.
  • Bourbon-Brown Sugar Pecans and store-bought or homemade caramel sauce. Add peach slices, if you like.
  • Crushed Praline and Saucy Berries or Maple Cranberry Sauce.

Pair With

  • Scoops of Pineapple Ice Cream or strawberry, orange, mango or o ther tangy fruit sorbet.

Drizzle With

  • Extra-virgin olive oil and sprinkle with a tiny pinch of flaky sea salt. Add Dessert Croutons made with extra virgin olive oil, if you like.

Serve On

  • Slices of warm toasted pound cake, drizzed with store-bought or homemade caramel sauce. Add toasted pecans and/or sliced peaches or nectarines.
  • Spice-Drawer Cinnamon Toast usingRain’s Choice Cinnamon Spice Vanilla Sugar with any chocolate, cocoa, or caramel sauce drizzled over it, or surround with with a moat of double-strength hot chocolate or Mexican hot chocolate.
  • Baked Hot Chocolate Pudding with The Works.
  • Coconut Meringue with or without Chocolate Sauce “to Taste” or Cocoa Fudge Sauce or on individual Peanut Butter Pavlovas garnished with berries.

Serve With

  • Cherries with Balsamic Vinegar or Vanilla Bean, Dessert Chutney, Apples in Cardamom Lime Syrup, Plums in Brandied Coffee Syrup, Pears in Ginger Lemon Syrup, Sauteed Figs, or Honey-Caramelized Figs.


  • A float with one of the beers listed or any other not-too-bitter beer with malty, caramel flavors.
  • Honey Balsamic Sundaes.
  • Fragrant Oranges with Ice Cream, Almonds, and Dates.

Sandwich Between

  • Ultrathin Cocoa Pecan Cookies or Ultrathin Chocolate Chunk Cookies and drizzle with melted chocolate, Chocolate Sauce “to Taste” or Cocoa Fudge Sauce or a purchased sauce.
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