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Throughout the world courageous individuals, international aid workers, social entrepreneurs, humanitarian agencies and non-profit organizations are creating heroic change as well as drawing greater awareness about the plight of innocent people living in war zones or refugee camps, coping with famine and grinding poverty and struggling with the impact of climate change. The articles included in "Be the Change" are devoted to individuals and groups whose projects and programs are making a difference. Please take the time to read these inspiring stories then learn more by visiting the web sites included, make a donation if possible, or volunteer in some capacity to help further these worthy causes.

Building For Generations

Cory Ybarra is a dynamic woman with a big heart and enormous determination. In 2006 she launched Building For Generations, a non-profit organization based in Santa Cruz, California. The mission of her organization is to collaborate with marginalized communities in developing countries to establish sustainable programs and opportunities for members with special needs. They then raise the funds necessary to build facilities that will serve these individuals, their families and the community. In addition to building the facilities and providing services for clients, they make certain that there is also vocational training to increase economic opportunities for those with special needs.

In developing countries, special-needs people are frequently hidden away from the public. There is still a sense of family shame surrounding those with mental disabilities and there often is no one to care for them at home. Building For Generations is dedicated to changing this perception and to creating a healthy presence for special needs people within their communities.

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Where Are the Tropics? Why Do they Matter?

What exactly are the tropical zones?

When most of us dream of the tropics, the fantasy usually begins with beautiful sandy beaches, warm sun, and a relaxed, carefree environment.  Perhaps even a luscious beverage in hand.  While the fantasy of tropical beaches is accurate, it only represents a thin slice of the extraordinary countries that straddle the equator between the Tropic of Cancer, latitude 23-1/2 degrees North, and the Tropic of Capricorn, latitude 23-1/2 degrees South.

Known as the tropical or torrid zone, every point within the tropics receives the perpendicular rays of the sun at noon on at least one day of the year.  In our annual journey around the sun, it will be furthest north and directly overhead at the Tropic of Cancer on June 21 or 22, the summer solstice, and directly overhead at the Tropic of Capricorn on December 21 or 22, the winter solstice.  During the spring and summer equinoxes, the sun will be directly overhead at the equator.

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For an update on the 2016 vanilla shortage, please see "Why is Vanilla so Expensive?"

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