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Transformational Speaking: If You Want To Change the World, Tell A Better Story

If You Want To Change The World, TELL A BETTER STORY

Gail Larsen, (Celestial Arts/Random House)

In 2005, as I practiced a two minute “elevator speech” for the Women Leaders for the World graduation, my coach Joanne Brem, suddenly exclaimed, “Wow, I get it!  You want to change the world.  You must contact Gail Larsen and take her workshop!”

I took Joanne’s advice seriously. Two months later I was in Santa Fe, New Mexico at Gayle’s four-day Real Speaking intensive along with four other attendees. Our goal? To connect with our authentic voices and take our messages into the world at large.

We began on a Thursday evening, each of us feeling a bit awkward and self-conscious about our abilities as engaging speakers. While we weren’t new to the world of public speaking or leadership, we were being carefully observed for how to best assist us in our search for the inner magic we all possess that would propel us forward as empassioned messengers, capable of inspiring others and affecting change.  By Sunday afternoon, while still shaky on our “new legs,” we now were in possesion of powerful tools to tap into our inner wisdom and passion or what Gail refers to as our “original medicine.”  Four years later I can say absolute with conviction that it was one of the more important training sessions I have ever experienced.

Amost immediately I had the opportunity to practice my new skills at The Commonwealth Club in San Francisco and at Villa Montalvo in Saratoga.  My goal?  To get people to reach into their pockets and bring out their wallets to pledge money for social change!

Gail’s work is not about being a “polished professional” nor about technique and practice, it’s about connecting with the core message we came here to share. Through a variety of techniques and exercises, her clients are encouraged to go deep inside to discover their inner truths and to tap into the source of our ability as natural story-tellers.  If you question the concept of “natural story-tellers,” consider that throughout the millennia as human beings, story telling has been a primary way of connecting with one another, transferring news and information, pondering the meaning of life, entertaining,comforting and sharing our very human experience.  Trust me: we all are story-tellers at heart

Gail says, “Each of us — including you — has the capacity to deliver a powerful and inspiring message when we go deep enough to find what is ours to say.” Gail has brought this opportunity to each of us in her book, Transformational SpeakingIf You Want to Change the World, Tell A Better Story.  Culling the best from her over twenty-five years experience as a speaking coach and consultant for both businesses and non-profits, as well as having served as the former executive vice president of the worldwide National Speakers Association, Gail’s book provides the tools and impetus for each of us to be agents of change and inspiration, to be messengers of vision and possibility.

Gail shares her stories, her self-effacing humor in her persona as “Madame Ovary,” her moments of great inspiration and personal challenges and she guides us on how to find our authentic voices as well.  As Larry Dossey, MD, author of The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things says, “Gail Larsen’s wise book will help anyone tap into the remarkable power of story, transforming not just the listener but the storyteller as well.  In our changing world…these lessons are vital.”

Whether you are a teacher, a coach, a business leader or public speaker, or if you value the importance of telling a better story, I can’t encourage you strongly enough to read Transformational Speaking. Both you and the world will be richer and more empowered by this decision.  Check to see if your local bookstore has copies or you can also purchase it at Amazon.

If you are inspired to participate in one of Gail’s Transformational Speaking workshops, please visit her site at Real Speaking.

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