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Chocolate and Vanilla Festival 2019

We’re doing it again! David Jackman and I are hosting another festival at Chocolate Restaurant in Santa Cruz, CA on Thursday, September 26th, this time, featuring a menu that showcases both Chocolate and Vanilla!!

The event begins with craft cocktails at 6:00 pm. There are two Festival Specials made with an artisan rum infused with Rain’s Choice Vanilla Beans: Vanilla Chocolate Mint Mojito, and Vanilla Rum Soda. A third Festival special is a Chocolate Vanilla Martini. Additional cocktail options include a Cherry-Vanilla Manhattan and a Nilla Killa!

Our 2019 Dinner Menu
Dinner Service Begins at 7:00 pm.
There will be a pause between the entree and dessert. Elias Ehrheart of Mutari Chocolate and I will visit each table to offer samples of four single-origin chocolates as well as taste samplers of Rain’s Choice Vanilla Extract in Cream Sodas. Gina Tassone, the “Contessa” will be selling some of our products, including our Ecuadoran Nacional Chocolate and Premium Saffron as well as our Extracts, Natural Extracts and Vanilla Sugars. This is an excellent opportunity to purchase holiday gifts for the cooks and bakers in your lives.

To Reserve Your Seat
Please visit EventBrite and click on Chocolate and Vanilla Festival to reserve your seat at the table and to purchase your tickets. Seating is limited to 44 seats so secure your place at this very special event soon! Our previous events have sold out. There is open seating, providing you with a unique opportunity to meet new members of our community.

David Jackman and the Queen look forward to seeing you, whether you’ve attended our previous events or this is the first time you’ve joined us.  Bon Appetit!

Chocolate Restaurant
1522 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz 95060

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