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Cherimoya and Atemoya

Cherimoya, Annona cherimola, is a delicious tropical fruit.  Originally from Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, the cherimoya is a large, green, slightly heart-shaped fruit from a tree that grows to 35 feet in height.  It grows from seeds, which are disbursed in the fruits and grows well in both tropical and sub-tropical environments. 

The creamy white flesh tastes somewhat like a cross between a pineapple and banana, but it’s a delicate flavor with its own unique taste.  Mark Twain once said, “It’s the most delicious fruit known to man.”  Cherimoya is usually eaten fresh but it also is made into ice cream, frozen fruit bars and, occasionally, into pies.  It is quite perishable.  It is now grown in Southern California.  I recommend that you try this fruit if the opportunity presents itself.

The Atemoya is a hybrid of the cherimoya and sugar apple.  It looks like the cherimoya but is smaller and cannot reproduce except through grafting a branch from its tree.  It is grown in Florida, the Caribbean and tropical Australia.

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