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True Cinnamon or Not?

Do you know there are different types of cinnamon? Not only are there differences, but your choices could affect your health.

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More About Pu’erh

There is something in my DNA that drives an insatiable curiosity about learning.  It’s kind of an intellectual archeology.  I want to uncover information about

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Lychee, Litchi sinensis, is a tropical and sub-tropical fruit that comes from a mid-sized evergreen tree that has leaves that are coppery in color when

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Summer Sippers

SUMMER SIPPERS Courtesy of Annaliese Keller: www.malabartradingco.com  Here are some unique and delicious iced beverages created by tea specialist Annaliese Keller.  The teas and tisanes

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Afternoon Tea on Onomea Bay

Afternoon Tea on Onomea Bay Courtesy of Sonia Martinez: www.soniatasteshawaii.com On a beautiful Spring afternoon not long ago, I was invited to join friends for

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Tasting Tea

Courtesy of Annaliese Keller: www.malabartradingco.com  TASTING TEA: Getting Started Tea tasting is similar to wine tasting: specific methodologies are used for tasting tea and an

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How to Properly Brew Tea

How to Properly Brew Tea Courtesy of Annaliese Keller: www.malabartradingco.com Brewing tea does not require special equipment. You may use a saucepan, a lovely porcelain

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Sesame, Sesamum indicum, is a flowering annual plant with numerous wild cultivars in Africa, as well as some in India and Pakistan.  It is now

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Peanut, Arachis hypogaea, is not a nut but a legume.  However, as it is so universally used as a nut, and as most people refer

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Candlenut, Aleurites moluccanus, is native to the Indo-Malaysia region and was introduced in ancient times throughout the Pacific islands and into Asia.  It now grows

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Jatropha, curcus, is a member of the Euphorbiaceae family, a large group of shrubs and trees native to the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America.  It

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