Winter Mandarin and Pineapple Shrubs



11/2 pounds peeled, fresh mandarins or tangerines

3/41 cup granulated cane sugar (I prefer organic, which usually contains a bit more molasses than regular sugar)

12 cups vinegar (I used white balsamic)

1/41/2 teaspoon natural orange oil (or flavor)

1/21 teaspoon Rain’s Choice pure Vanilla Extract (I prefer Tahitian but any vanilla works)


Place peeled mandarins into a food processor with a little water and blend until smooth. (You can also mash them with a heavy spoon if you prefer.) Add more or less sugar based on the sweetness of the fruit and vinegar (again, you can decide how much vinegar you want), and mix well.

Cover mix


A refreshing alternative to sodas and a delicious base for cocktails.