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Bourbon Vanilla Extract


99% of all vanilla products are imitation. Rain’s Choice is 100% pure vanilla extract. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives added. Non-GMO. Gluten-free. 

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  • We carefully choose all products to assure best QUALITY & FLAVOR!
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PLEASE NOTE: Due to a significant increase in orders, the Bourbon Vanilla Extract has not had time to fully age. Our pure vanilla extracts contain no sugar. To accelerate the aging process, add 1 tablespoon sugar per 16 ounces of extract and shake well. The extract will begin to mellow quickly. This will deepen the color and flavor of the extract, and cut the harsh “nose” of the alcohol. Here’s more information.

You can also buy vanilla beans and make your own extract. Here’s how.

Bourbon Vanilla is a generic term for Vanilla planifolia, and is the most commonly used variety in vanilla extract. Vanilla planifolia stock originated in Mexico, vanilla’s birthplace, but cuttings were taken to other tropical countries in the 1700s. In the 1800s, the French developed large plantations on Reunion, known at the time as the Ile de Bourbon, hence the name Bourbon. Although Bourbon vanilla extract contains alcohol, it is not made from Bourbon whiskey.

Culinary Tips

Bourbon and Mexican vanillas have the familiar vanilla flavor that we associate with vanilla ice cream and other vanilla flavored desserts and beverages.  Creamy, hay-like notes, rich flavor and an assertive finish.

Use this flavorful vanilla in all your favorite cookies, cakes and pastries. Finish savory cream sauces with a few drops of Madagascar vanilla extract. Add a splash to pork dishes and keep a small bottle available for bar drinks. Think outside the box when using vanilla. It provides a great boost to nearly everything. Add it judiciously and be delighted by the flavor boost!

Ingredients: Purified water, sugar cane alcohol, premium *Bourbon vanilla bean extractives. No artificial flavors or preservatives added. Non-GMO. Gluten-free.

*Due to the vanilla crisis, beans from areas other than Madagascar have been as good as, or better than beans from Madagascar. Our Bourbon Vanilla Extract is made from a blend of beans from Madagascar and beans from Papua New Guinea. Both are Vanilla Planifolia beans (also known as Bourbon Vanilla).

Vanilla extract has no expiration date. Because pure vanilla extract contains 35% alcohol by law, it will age and become more mellow and flavorful over time. Extracts do best in temperatures between 55 degrees F ( 12.8 C) and 80 degrees F (26.6 C), and away from light. Store in a cool, dark cupboard, away from any source of heat such as a stove or oven.

Why we use plastic bottles for extracts in pints and quarts
While glass bottles (especially dark-colored glass bottles) are optimal for storing extracts, this works well only in smaller sizes. Many of our commercial customers, such as bakeries and restaurants, purchase extracts in larger sizes. If a glass bottle shatters in a commercial kitchen, everything shuts down while the glass is cleaned up. Therefore, commercial kitchens prefer plastic, in order to avoid the danger of broken glass. As a result, we sell our larger sizes of extract in food-grade plastic bottles.

The second reason we use plastic rather than glass is that glass is heavier and more fragile than plastic. Packaging extracts in glass doubles the weight, thereby increasing shipping costs. Using plastic saves you money in shipping fees and decreases the possibility of damage in transit. If you prefer your extracts in glass, feel free to decant the extract into a glass container once you receive it.

Read these 5 good reasons why buying bulk vanilla makes sense.


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