2-Fold Tahitian Vanilla Extract

This double-fold (2X) Tahitian vanilla extract is made with twice the quantity of vanilla beans used for the same volume of single-fold extract. This results in a more concentrated (double-strength) vanilla extract.

Pure vanilla extract. No artificial flavors or preservatives added. Certified Kosher. Non-GMO. Gluten-free.

Please note: Gallons are temporarily unavailable, due to the current vanilla shortage.


Why does Rain’s Choice vanilla taste better?
Our vanilla extracts contain 20% more beans than the competition! More beans equal richer flavor!

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Tahitian vanilla (Vanilla tahitensis) comes from Vanilla planifolia stock crossed with Vanilla odorata. It is classified as a separate species, as it is considerably different from planifolia in both appearance and flavor.

Tahitian vanilla is sweeter and fruitier and has less natural vanillin than Bourbon or Mexican vanilla. It has a cherry-like, licorice, or “raisiny” taste and floral fragrance. The Tahitian vanilla bean is more plump and moist than the Vanilla planifolia bean, and contains far fewer seeds.

Tahitian vanilla is especially nice in fruit compotes and desserts and cream desserts as well as in sauces for poultry, seafood and wild game.

Double-fold vanillas are especially useful when using convection ovens or production baking and for any products such as candy or beverages where you want to use less liquid but get a more intense flavor.

Ingredients: Purified water, sugar cane alcohol (35%), premium Tahitian vanilla bean extractives. No artificial flavors or preservatives added. Certified Kosher. Non-GMO. Gluten-free.

Vanilla extract has no expiration date, as the flavor improves with age.

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