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Fresh Vanilla Liquid — A Non-Alcohol Option

Fresh Vanilla Liquid –A Non-Alcohol Option
Courtesy of Rita Rivera Author of Milks Alive

A lot of people want an alcohol-free liquid vanilla  option. Although there is vanilla flavor, I personally don’t like it as it is made with propylene glycol and it isn’t very flavorful. Rita Rivera also wanted an alcohol-free option and came up with fresh vanilla liquid. It doesn’t keep as long as vanilla flavor but you can make this recipe in small batches. Here is Rita’s recipe along with her comments.

Making your own vanilla liquid is easy, aromatic and flavorful, without using any alcohol and can be used in any recipe that calls for vanilla.

Keep this refrigerated in a glass bottle and it will be good for about 6 weeks. There will be separation; it’s necessary to shake well before each use.

5 Vanilla Bean
2-1/4 cups filtered water

Vanilla beans should be pliable to the touch (good moisture content) as opposed to dry and brittle. If they are hard, they are too old or have not been stored properly to use for making fresh vanilla.

Preparation Cut off the tips of the vanilla beans. Cut the vanilla beans into small pieces, using the whole bean. Add the vanilla beans and about half the filtered water into the blender.

Use the low speed and slowly increase to high. Stop the blender and pour about half the remaining water down the sides of the blender to get all those precious seeds down into the mixture. Blend again, using a low speed and slowly increase to high. Add the rest of the filtered water down the sides of the blender. Use a spatula, on the inside of the blender, to scrape all the vanilla beans into your vanilla mixture.

Note: This is the Vanilla Queen again. My suggestion is to make this mixture and allow it to sit for 24 hours before using so that it has a chance to become richly flavored.

For more information on Rita’s book, Milks Alive, read my review,  then go to www.milksalive.com Her book is a great resource for making fresh plant milks and includes a wealth of knowledge about how to incorporate fruits and greens into health beverages with 140 recipes included.

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