What’s not to like about good food? And who doesn’t want culinary news and tips as we celebrate a renaissance of delicious, healthy, well prepared foods?

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With farmers markets opening all over our country, pop-ups and gourmet food trucks tweeting their current locations and fascinating new foods arriving from around the world and onto grocery and specialty food store shelves, our options are phenomenal. Problem is, there’s so much going on there isn’t time to keep up with all that’s out there. Enter our Culinary Tips section.

In redesigning my site I decided I should create a spot where I can write about some of the pros I know or discover in the culinary circles I move in.  The ones who open doors of knowledge and instruction for us as well as offer practical how-tos for everything from artisan chocolates and cheese to introducing us to a colorful palette of exotic ingredients and cuisine.

Are you a culinary pro?  Do you have a favorite instructor, writer or blogger you think should be mentioned in this section?  I’m happy to share your news and I invite you to send articles to be posted in this section.  It’s a great way to share your expertise with an appreciative audience. Bon appetit!