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Five Inspirational Events From 2014

Happy New Year and Welcome 2015!

As we move more deeply into winter in the Northern Hemisphere I enjoy setting aside some time to reflect on what inspired me the last year and how this inspiration can be a catalyst for change and opportunities in the coming year. There were a lot of inspiring moments for me in 2014 but five stand out as exceptional.

 Serena Rain Joined The Vanilla Company

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We’re delighted that Serena became part of our team in May. She manages our social media marketing, handles our public relations and whips up new recipes and photos for our recipe section. I have been excited by her fresh ideas and the insights she brings to the business. We are now on Pinterest, new recipes are posted every few days on Facebook, Google + and Twitter and she believes in and supports our mission of focusing greater awareness about the value of pure vanilla.

I love that The Vanilla Company is now a full-fledged family business!

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The Gift of Gratitude

Each late December the media rehashes the year’s breaking  stories and we all tend to reflect on how we fared.  This year, no one’s disputing that it has been a tumultuous and wild ride, not just here in America, but around the world.  And as we say goodbye to the last decade, most of us are licking our wounds and crossing our fingers that the new year will somehow bring redemption, including a stronger economy and  happier, more hopeful stories.

The end of a year, and especially, the end of a decade, deserves our attention. However, as this year draws to a close, there is nothing but uncertainty lying ahead of us. Will the dreadful economy shift? Will the wars end? What about a sense of security? How can we bear so much uncertainty?

The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty; not knowing what comes next. — Ursula LeGuin

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For an update on the 2016 vanilla shortage, please see "Why is Vanilla so Expensive?"

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