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Vanilla Beans

There is nothing quite like the aroma of vanilla beans. The aroma of vanilla beans resting in the tropical drying facilities dazzles the senses, but even a quarter pound of bulk vanilla beans will fill your kitchen with the extraordinary aroma that can never be matched by the imitations fragrances that abound.

While the majority of the recipes on this site use vanilla extract, there is nothing quite like vanilla beans for custards, cream sauces, poached peaches or pears, and even as a swizzle stick in your favorite bar drinks.

Madagascar vanilla beans are rich with the aroma and flavor of traditional vanilla. Their characteristics are creamy, haylike and sweet, with strong vanillin overtones.

Tahitian vanilla beans are shorter, moister, contain fewer seeds and are fruity and floral. Tahitian beans have the aroma of cherries, licorice, prunes, and wine.

Certified Organic Ugandan vanilla beans are similar to Madagascar beans but moister and have very strong vanillin notes.

It makes sense to buy vanilla beans in quantity as you can keep them fresh in one of our vacuumed sealed storage jars and enjoy vanilla beans ready when you need them.

How Do I Store Vanilla Beans, Extracts, Powder, and Paste?

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Enough customers have asked us this question that I realized that although I’ve mentioned this information in passing in blogs, we needed a blog that addresses this important question. My hope is that this will assist all of you who aren’t quite sure about the best way to preserve your products.

Why do our customers love Rain's Choice vanilla?

  • You get MORE FLAVOR because we use 20% more beans in our extracts than is required by law!
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  • Our farmers are paid a FAIR PRICE.
  • Our vanilla beans are SUSTAINABLY grown.
  • Everything we sell is ORGANICALLY grown.
  • Your purchase here supports our HUMANITARIAN efforts.

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For an update on the 2016 vanilla shortage, please see "Why is Vanilla so Expensive?"

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