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Scandinavian Classic Baking

Pat Sinclair has a long history as a recipe developer and food consultant. She has worked for many high-profile corporations whose products are used by

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Rose’s Heavenly Cakes

Reviewing cookbooks is actually not as easy as you might think.  Why? Hungry or not, the Pavlov response kicks in when I read luscious recipes

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You’ve Got Recipes

While it may seem unlikely to find a review for a children’s cookbook on a site like this, many of us have kids or grandkids,

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The Sweet Life In Paris

I recently chuckled my way through David Lebovitz’ new book, The Sweet Life in Paris (2009, Broadway Books, an Imprint of Crown).  And sweet it

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Bite Size Desserts

BITE SIZE DESSERTS Carole Bloom (Wiley, 2009) Even when I’m so full I can barely move, I often crave a sweet to officially conclude a

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