I'm amazed at how superior your vanilla is!
- Des, The Grommet
I opened the bottle of your vanilla extract last weekend to bake some cookies and the difference in taste is extraordinary." – Judy

Things To Do With Vanilla Ice Cream


Courtesy of Alice Medrich, Sinfully Easy Delicious Desserts

This is a selection from Alice’s book that directs readers to different recipes she has in the book. You will need to read the book for the recipes that are highlighted, but this will give you good ideas for adorning vanilla — or other– ice creams. First, how about a recipe for Vanilla Ice Cream?  And if you’re not up for making your own, buy the best quality vanilla ice cream you can afford as many don’t actually contain pure vanilla extract!

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125 Gluten-Free Vegetarian Recipes

Working, as I do, in a health-oriented organic market, I encounter people with food allergies and gluten sensitivities on a daily basis. Further, I’m allergic to wheat and the majority of my family is gluten-sensitive. As a result, I’m very aware of the challenges faced by all of us who want to eat with friends and go to restaurants in a culture where wheat or gluten is in most processed foods and ubiquitous on menus.

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Choclatique: 150 Simply Elegant Desserts

How would you like to have traveled to 130 countries in search of the best chocolate? From the Amazon rain forest to Bali, The Philippines to Thailand?  Sounds deliciously exotic and exciting, doesn’t it?

Ed Engoron, co-founder of Choclatique and an award winning chef who studied at the Cordon Bleu, has done that and much, much more in his lifetime.  Now he has taken his years of experience, knowledge and adventures and parlayed them into his new book, Choclatique: 150 Simply Elegant Desserts (Perseus Books, 2011). Written with Mary Goodbody, Ed has used a unique technique, something I’ve never encountered before.  Each recipe is based on one of five chocolate ganaches. 

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Bite Size Desserts

Carole Bloom (Wiley, 2009)

Even when I’m so full I can barely move, I often crave a sweet to officially conclude a meal.  It doesn’t need to be much, perhaps two or three bites, or what my mother called a “cheek,” a subtle closure that compliments a cup of tea or espresso.

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For an update on the 2016 vanilla shortage, please see "Why is Vanilla so Expensive?"

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