The Vanilla Queen cordially invites you to join us at The Vanilla Company to promote your business, your products, your commitment to social consciousness and your support of the tropics on a completely renovated website!


The Vanilla Company is in its ninth year as a socially conscious, Web-based business and the go-to site for information on vanilla. We have transformed our site to embrace, encompass and represent more of the tropical specialties that we love. This includes coffee, chocolate, tea and sugar, as well as many of the less celebrated spices, fruits, nuts and more.

Our mission is to provide the best community-based, socially conscious Internet site for detailed information about tropical foods, flavors and ingredients, and an ideal conduit for showcasing the products of our advertisers and sponsors.

Our vision is to support and promote a healthy balance in the ecology, communities and economies of the tropics. This fragile region, 20 degrees either side of the equator, that produces more than 30% of our world’s water and oxygen – necessary for our very survival – is seriously endangered. By working together, hand-in-hand, we have the opportunity to bring greater health to the tropics, and with it, the well-being of us all.

Come join us as we grow a site that represents our shared values and provides the public in both developed and developing countries with information, awareness, interconnectedness and support as a global community.


Our new website is filled with exciting choices for viewers to explore in a visitor-friendly layout. 

These include:


We have a diverse spectrum of visitors. Culinary professionals, purchasing agents from national and international companies, the media (magazines, radio and TV hosts and documentary makers), home cooks and bakers, professional chefs, restaurateurs, culinary instructors, specialty foods entrepreneurs, educators, scientists, farmers, students and curious people cruising the Internet. We are actively involved in social media networking and other marketing techniques to bring in new visitors.

Our visitors range in age from middle-school into old age, but the majority of our visitors are college-educated, mid-twenties to mid-sixties, professionals, culinary specialists working independently or for companies or corporations, adventurous cooks, business owners or their purchasing agents/employees sourcing products. Most visitors are interested in green living and identify themselves with social consciousness.

We have several thousand dedicated opt-in subscribers who currently receive our newsletters. With each newsletter we see an increase in sales as do our e-tailers. We are working to grow that list significantly and we encourage our sponsors and advertisers to share their customer lists to add to our newsletter database. This will assist you in keeping your customers updated on your products, upcoming trade shows and events and your current company activities, including socially conscious projects and activities.


Become a sponsor or advertiser. Your best anti-recession tool is advertising and we are here to help you. Further, your financial support allows us to promote your company and products while educating visitors and encouraging them to buy from you and other companies who care about the ecology, the communities and the economies of the tropics.


In order to best represent you while offering competitive pricing and a variety of options, we interviewed members of a number of popular culinary and socially-conscious web sites to learn about what they offer to advertisers and how they base their charges. Additionally, there are a number of sites that offer an advertising marketplace
where small businesses can get useful exposure at an affordable price.

To keep our advertising affordable during the economic downturn, we are offering the lowest prices possible. While we may switch to cost-per-impression charges in the future, at this time we have chosen not to do this. Why? We found that most sites that use this billing method expect an up-front commitment of thousands of dollars from their advertisers.

We are interested in creating a long-term relationship with our sponsors and advertisers and would like to see be a true group endeavor to promote the products we sell. Instead of a major up-front financial investment, we request a six-month minimum commitment from each of you. This allows us time to expand and
promote the site and will give visitors excellent exposure to your branding and product line. We are offering the following promotional prices to celebrate our new site.


Gold Sponsorship Special 
Home page text and banner (graphic), text ad placement on all site pages in one category, and text and banner placement in the Marketplace. Placement is in top section of home page right hand column. $150.00 per month.

Platinum Sponsors
In addition to the Gold Sponsorship Special, Platinum Sponsors receive a dedicated page in our Tropical Projects section that features your company story.* This gives your branding greater visibility, promotes farms you run or support, highlights your socially conscious project, and adds reputability to your company. Your dedicated page includes a click-thru to your site. You also receive placement in our  newsletters. $250.00 per month.

Website Review and Audit

Kat and Mouse SEO and Web Design, our web designer in San Jose, CA, is offering our sponsors a 30% discount on their KickStart website consultation program that includes recommendations to help improve your website sales, curb appeal, lead generation, and visibility. It’s 3 hours with a search engine optimization expert and social media consultant in San Jose or on the phone. Or you can choose 30% off their Local Search optimization package and get your local business website to rank high in Google Places, Bing and Yahoo Local and get visibilitiy in at least 100 local directories.


Everywhere Text Ads
Placement on all pages in one category with your company name and a click-thru to your site. Ads are right hand column. $45.00 per month.  Add Home page for an additional $40.00 a month.

Content Specific Text & Graphic
Your ad will be featured on one content site page of your choice. Right hand column placement. $15.00 monthly.

Our Marketplace has a click-thru button from the homepage menu. Your 150 x 150 pixel graphic ad with short description will be placed in the Marketplace and includes a link to your site.  $50.00 a month or $25.00 a month if you purchase any other advertising.

Inclusion in Weekly Newsletters
Advertising in our weekly newsletter includes your company name, click-thru to your site and a few lines of text about your company.  $75.00 a month

Postings in Travel Section
We have a Tropical Tourism segment on our home page with information about tours as well as travel articles. Advertise your guided eco-tours or food-tours to a well-targeted audience. You can also promote destination tours to your farm. A page dedicated to you and your tours is $30.00 a month.  Text plus graphic: $45.00 a month.

Culinary or Teaching Profile
You may also have a dedicated page in the Culinary News and Tips about your work in the Culinary field and/or a page dedicated to your classes.  $30.00 a month.  Text plus graphic: $45.00 a month.
*We can assist you by writing your story to your specs. Please call or e-mail us for information.

We can also provide you with assistance in designing and developing your Internet ads for an additional fee.


We want to see The Vanilla Company become a major go-to site for information and product sales as it will help you, us, our clients and customers, our visitors, and the people who grow the products we represent and sell. As a result, we are exploring every possible opportunity to accomplish this goal. is already top in all search engines for vanilla. We have a site optimization specialist working with us to generate greater traffic for the other tropical commodities we represent as well as to create higher search engine visibility.

With daily site activity including blog updates, recipes, tips, newsletters and more, we will generate increased return traffic as well as draw in new visitors who find us through key-words in Google.

We have begun a campaign of social networking on Facebook and Twitter. Social networking is a phenomenon with huge potential, as President Obama demonstrated during his presidential campaign.

Membership in the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP), San Francisco Food Society (SFPFS), Bakers Dozen San Francisco Group and Global Women’s Leadership Network, allows us to post news and updates about the Vanilla.COMpany in these groups’ newsletters and websites.

We are in conversation with high-traffic culinary and socially-conscious sites regarding link exchanges and posting articles on their sites that will draw additional new traffic toThe Vanilla Company.

Will this help your bottom line? We certainly hope so! Given that we are experiencing interesting times  nationally and globally, we cannot make wild promises. We can assure you that we will do all that we can to make this project a win-win for everyone.

Patricia Rain, known worldwide as the Vanilla Queen, is an internationally known vanilla specialist, business owner, public speaker, social entrepreneur, author of three books on vanilla including, Vanilla: The Cultural History of the World’s Favorite Flavor and Fragrance (Tarcher, 2004), and mentor to women in developing countries. She made a commitment of stewardship to our planet and its inhabitants when she launched The Vanilla Company in 2001.

Call us at 800.757.7511 and ask for the Queen herself (aka Patricia Rain) for additional information and to set up an account. Or, write to us at